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Vaporeon Fleece Hat


Only 2 left in stock (can be backordered)


This listing is for one (1) fleece hat of Vaporeon, the Water type evolution of Eevee from the popular video game and anime series, Pokémon!

My hats are made out of super soft Blizzard Fleece. The eyes are created using iron on transfer paper. The hat comfortably fits 22″-23″ heads.  The fins are wired.  They have a tendency to flop over, to minimize floppiness, please make sure you’re buying the correct size hat.  Larger and smaller sizes available by custom order, just send me a message with details on what size you need. Hats are a great way to show your love for a character, and they can also be used in cosplays!

Turn hat inside out and machine wash in Cold Water with like fabrics, or place hat inside a pillow case during wash cycle.  Tumble dry low.  Take care not to wash hat with rough fabrics (such as denim) which can cause pilling on the fleece.

Custom designs ARE available! Check out my commissions page to find out more info on how to get a custom design.


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