Art Commissions are: OPEN * Hat Commissions are: OPEN * Plushie Commissions are: CLOSED * BJD Clothing Commissions are: CLOSED

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IMPORTANT! Commissioning me means you agree to all the terms on the page and are legally bound by them.  I have the right to decline any commission or commissioner for any reason at my own personal discretion.  I reserve the right to use your commission as an example of my work in my DA gallery, at conventions, or in my portfolio.  If it’s fanart drawn of purely canonical characters I reserve the right to make prints and other products of the art to sell at conventions. If you want exclusive rights to a piece, please let me know beforehand.

Commission Info
Hello, and welcome to my official commissions post!  Here you can find all the info you need to know about what art I’m offering for commission.  All of my prices are base prices.  Depending on how complicated your commission is can change the cost of your order.  Everyone who orders will receive a high resolution copy of their image.  For an additional $3 I’ll snail mail a copy of the art to anywhere in the US.  (Shipping for international orders varies depending on location)
I work almost exclusively digital.  Sometimes I’ll sketch a piece out with pencils, but I do most of my inking and coloring on the computer.  I can, and will work in a traditional medium if that’s what you would prefer. Traditional pieces are colored with copic and prismacolor markers.

You can pay with PayPal, or with your debit or credit card. After we’ve worked out the details for your commission I will send you an invoice that must be paid before I’ll start working on your order.  Orders under $50 must be paid in full before I start work, while orders over $50 require half payment up front with the other half due upon artwork completion.  If you can’t make any of your payments, please let me know and we’ll work out a payment plan that works with your budget.  If you decide to cancel your commission, a refund might be given depending on how far along your commission was. For art commission, if no work was completed you’ll receive a full refund, sketches will receive 75% refund, inks 50%, flat colors 25%, and if I’ve already started shading you will receive no refund. For sewing commissions, if materials have already been bought you’ll receive your refund minus materials cost, and if I’ve already started sewing you’ll receive no refund.



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