Itty Bitty Chibis are perfect for adding a small bit of cute to your life. For each piece you’ll receive a high resolution copy of your chibi commission.  If you want to receive a physical copy of your artwork it will be an additional $3 to your price to cover shipping.  Itty Bitty Chibi Commissions are typically finished within 1-3 business days after payment has been received.  You get up to two minor revisions, one in the sketch phase, one in the color stage.  I can draw based off of a reference image, or a detailed written description, but prefer images. If you want a particlar pose please include that information in the commission details section of the form.  Chibis can portray a wide range of emotions, so please choose one for your commission.  A few examples of different emotions: shy, happy, excited, depressed, scared, angry, laughing, smug.


Traditional Itty Bitty Chibis are 2.5″x3.5″ big, and are drawn with a mix of pencils, pens and a blend of Prisma Color and Copic markers.


Digital Itty Bitty Chibis are 600×600 pixels big and are drawn entirely in Photoshop CC.


Sketch – $10

Lineart – $15

Color – $20

+ $10 for each additional person


Would you like a physical copy?